[My] First Trimester Diet

surprise ravobace fam…I am pregnant with baby number two on the way!

Super excited to include you on this journey

also preparing for this HUGE change.

In a few short months our little family will be a little less little

(Try saying that 5x fast) 😂

It is too early to know the gender yet but we already have names picked out for either

👦 : Oliver John

👧 : Cameron Rey

(Feel free to Comment your favorite)

Some thing I have been seriously

considering is….

My Diet

Being pregnant there things that are

recommended to avoid and I already don’t really eat those things

So real talk I do consider myself a “good eater”

who has a few treats here and there so this wasn’t too drastic of change for me

Things I have cut down on (even before baby#2 ) have been:

  • Bread
  • Caffeine
  • Sugar (minus the donuts I had on Easter Sunday 🤫 …here is a family pic from Easter 2020
Drive up church service at Faith Bible

….Okay so back to the post

For the past week I’ve been eating pretty much the same thing

Here is a sneak peak into what I eat


Eggs sometimes I add some cream cheese super good😋

plain quinoa w/ blueberries and some dark chocolate chips YUM

In the past I have made chocolate quinoa and wowza I cannot make this up it was delicious

(don’t be bravo he gags at the sound of me saying quinoa 😂) I promise you it is sooo yummmyyyy

I will make a post of some “pregnancy cravings”

they aren’t the typical gross wierd ones

these are snacks/meals you can eat any time of day! 😊


Salad w/ balsamic vinegar dressing and some cheese

I wish I could give ya more but

this week has been just that for lunch

it is super filling and so tasty

Salads are always a good go to right?!!


Dinner is my fav bc that is when I get most creative

my hard working hubby always comes home hungry!

This week we had:

Chicken (cilantro lime, lemon…there are endless ways to prepare chicken

I try to find new chicken recipes here and there

Tomato soup w/ grilled jalapeño popper cheese sandwiches

sorry fam but bread was a necessity to this meal

Imagine it🤔…..

eating JUST cheese and jalapeños and if I saw myself

I prob would have broke out laughing at the sight

This was a super easy but by no means easy taste it was yummy

Perfect blend of spicy with the cheese to cool down the heat

Another meal is…

Steak bites w/ sweet potato’s and bell peppers with some rice to go along

Brown rice was to me thought as the best but lately

we have been getting white basmati rice (Johnny is not a fan of the brown rice)

with this meal it literally tasted like we were out

I was shocked!

Eating this was like an unexpected Home dinner date!

This is an old pic for an actual planned date but just so ya get the “💡”

This was perfect considering the time being

So Worth the quarantine haha😂

These meals have been soooo yummy!

And can be for anyone

I encourage you to try them and let me know what ya think

they were fun to make and even better to taste

Thank you so much for reading!!

feel free to follow me on my Instagram for pregnancy updates and more!